Though the cloud abstracts away so much administrative IT work, organizations still have to pay attention to their IT infrastructures. As cloud architectures grow, so too does the footprint and complexity of the underlying hardware. Therefore, ongoing cloud infrastructure management is an essential part of ensuring long-term success on the cloud.

Companies are spending more than ever on their cloud deployments, and many are struggling to keep costs under control. A big part of maximizing IT ROI plus performance and efficiency is getting cloud infrastructure right. This includes choosing the right combination of hardware and software across the following domains:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Virtualization

What makes this challenging is that both organizations at large and their internal IT teams change constantly. Consequently, it’s easy for cloud infrastructure to fall out of sync with the enterprise’s larger priorities. Fortunately, Amazon Web Services (AWS) understands the challenges that companies face when it comes to cloud infrastructure management.

AWS offers several services that make it easy to deploy, finetune, and evaluate infrastructure performance. No matter how things change or scale, AWS users can stay on top of their infrastructure and adapt as needed. In the next section, we’ll highlight some of AWS’ key infrastructure management solutions to give you a sense of what’s possible on the AWS cloud.

A Summary of AWS Infrastructure Management Services

First, Amazon CloudWatch is an essential tool for any AWS user. Amazon CloudWatch automatically collects metrics, log data, and event data across all cloud resources. Engineering teams can use this data to make smart decisions related to their infrastructure. Amazon CloudWatch is how teams keep visibility into their cloud deployments as they evolve.

AWS CloudTrail is another service that promotes cloud operational transparency. The tool tracks activity that affects AWS infrastructure and puts this information in one place for further analysis. With AWS CloudTrail, engineering leaders can detect unusual infrastructure activity, audit resources, and bolster security.

Certain AWS services also come with health check capabilities that will continuously validate whether resources are functioning properly. For instance, AWS users can implement health checks at the DNS level (Route 53), load balancing level (Amazon Elastic Load Balancing), or instance level (EC2 instance status checks). These health checks provide an added layer of security and empower teams to dig into application or infrastructure issues quickly.

AWS also frees engineering teams up from worrying about IT infrastructure at all when deploying new services and resources. For example, those with limited cloud infrastructure experience can use solutions like AWS App Runner and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Both solutions enable developers to upload code and input what they need from a processing and memory standpoint. AWS App Runner and AWS Elastic Beanstalk will then do all of the infrastructure work behind the scenes in minutes.

Another important solution to highlight is AWS CloudFormation. The tool gives AWS users the ability to leverage infrastructure-as-code and maintain consistency across infrastructure deployments. AWS CloudFormation accelerates the provisioning of new infrastructure through automation and makes it easy to implement sophisticated DevOps practices for infrastructure.

These tools represent only a slice of what is possible from a cloud infrastructure management standpoint on AWS. Knowing what solutions to use and when is something that comes with experience. That’s why it can make sense to partner with an AWS expert, like ClearScale, who knows the ins and outs of cloud infrastructure management on AWS, specifically.

What Cloud Infrastructure Management Services Does ClearScale Provide?

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, we’ve helped organizations in many sectors simplify infrastructure management. As a result, our clients are able to focus more on what differentiates them from the competition.

Our cloud infrastructure management services include:

In our cloud infrastructure audits, we assess IT cloud resources, review billing reports, and highlight potential security vulnerabilities. We also rightsize resources and implement infrastructure monitoring solutions from AWS. As part of our cloud infrastructure security work, we provide 24x7x365 coverage, rapid incident response, SecOps support, and fine-grained access controls. Through our private equity-focused service, we evaluate, plan, and execute projects that ensure our client’s portfolio companies are set up for success on AWS.

Outside of these services, we guide our customers to make the right infrastructure choices for their unique business needs in every engagement. We aren’t just technical experts. We’re thought partners who always keep the broader end goal in mind.

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