BresoTec Inc. is a sleep management company that brings together state-of-the-art technology and innovation to provide effective solutions to every aspect of sleep. The executive leadership team at BresoTec Inc. wanted to focus their time on product delivery to combat sleep disorders at home. For their IT needs, they sought a trusted partner who could help them envision and implement their application with the right infrastructure. The business requirements for their IT partner were:

1) Design a web-based application that:

a. Seamlessly follows the company process

b. Provides an intuitive interface for physicians and employees to manage device data and patients

c. Creates automated reports for physicians to share with patients

2) Reduce in-house infrastructure management. Ensure that the internal overhead is reduced, and minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO).

3) Address the unique needs of healthcare business in regards to:

a. Compliance to tight medical regulatory international requirements like HIPAA (U.S.A), PIPEDA (Canada), and Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC (European Union)

b. Application and patient data security

BresoTec partnered with ClearScale to develop a cloud solution based on their business needs and requirements:

1) Web application design, testing, and implementation.

ClearScale conducted one-on-one discussions with the physicians, end-users, and the team at BresoTec. After observing their day-to-day manual processes, we designed four separate modules: user management, order processing flow, device management, and sleep data upload interface from SD card. Continuous feedback from BresoTec drove the iterative development process including the reports for physicians to share with patients.

2) Reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by working in the cloud.

ClearScale implemented the whole application architecture with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the cloud. AWS has many existing services that work with BresoTec requirements seamlessly, including S3 for storing raw and processed data, SQS for queuing messages for data processing, and AWS Lambda functions for running BresoTec’s proprietary algorithms for processing sleep data.

In order to ensure the reliability of service, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructure was deployed across multiple Availability Zones (AZs) and across two subnets, both private and public. The database and web services were replicated in both areas to ensure constant availability. In order to ensure rapid infrastructure scaling as BresoTec’s business expands, built-in AWS-managed services were used to decrease the management overhead. Some great features of AWS like Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Auto Scaling were deployed to ensure reliability and scaling needs were met.

3) Cloud security and compliance.

A multi-directional approach was implemented to address cloud security and compliance. Storage and database encryption was enabled to protect patients’ personal information. Amazon CloudWatch logs and AWS CloudTrail services were configured to provide an audit trail of all activities. Security groups were configured to restrict communications to required ports and services as well as provide instance isolation. Finally, core services were placed in private areas (subnets) that cannot be accessed directly from the Internet to limit exposure.

What did the customer have to say about the implementation?

In the words of William Hancharek, BresoTec’s Manager of Process Control and QA:

“ClearScale was true to their word and delivered what they promised. We were impressed with their commitment, and believe them to be experts at leveraging Amazon Web Services. Their friendliness, and support through the whole process were invaluable and much appreciated.”

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