“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”
– Jonas Salk

Recognition for a job well done is always appreciated. That’s why we’re excited to have won another award. This time it’s the Channel Partner Insight 2021 Best Innovative Project Award.

This prize is for ClearScale’s cloud managed services project for SavvyMoney. Judging was conducted by Channel Partner Insight’s editorial staff.

We’re proud of this accolade. It shows how ClearScale has the specialized skills to conduct comprehensive managed services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, as well as the technical expertise to quickly implement needed fixes in complex cloud infrastructures. The award also demonstrates how our AWS specialization enables us to come alongside a company like SavvyMoney and provide tailored services as a value-added partner, rather than just a point-in-time tactical service provider.

ClearScale Managed Services were designed to eliminate the burden that many companies experience when it comes to managing their cloud operations. ClearScale helps customers focus on what they do best – providing great products and services to their own clients. Our expert staff of AWS-certified engineers is available 24×7 to provide timely support and guidance to ensure that customer IT environments are monitored, secure, and optimized with the latest AWS services.

Keeping SavvyMoney’s Fast-Growing Platform Online

SavvyMoney, a cloud-native FinTech company, is a financial services Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider that enables more than 500 financial institutions to integrate credit score functionality into their online applications. The company had previously hired ClearScale to re-architect and optimize its SaaS platform, as well as deploy a new AWS environment to enhance scalability.

As SavvyMoney’s user base grew and its cloud environment became more complex, it was difficult for the in-house development team to monitor the company’s IT infrastructure on top of deploying new features and updates to the core application. Since its customers are spread across the United States, SavvyMoney must perform application maintenance, upgrades, batch jobs, and system monitoring at night.

SavvyMoney needed a cost-efficient solution that would enable its architects, designers, and business analysts to focus on the company’s product roadmap, rather than its cloud infrastructure. ClearScale’s 24/7 monitoring and platform management services proved to be ideal for SavvyMoney. We’ve been able to identify and solve IT issues on SavvyMoney’s behalf, usually without pulling their internal resources away from other projects.

As a result of this ongoing project, SavvyMoney’s developers can focus entirely on enhancing the company’s main offerings, while ClearScale optimizes for cloud performance. ClearScale continues to provide ongoing managed services and development expertise to ensure that SavvyMoney’s IT infrastructure can scale and deliver services to clients.

To learn more about the ClearScale – SavvyMoney MSP project, read the case study. Then, contact us to discuss how our customized AWS managed services can optimize your IT environment.