Managing cloud projects internally can be challenging for several reasons. First, it’s hard to build and optimize new cloud architecture while maintaining existing cloud operations. Engineering teams everywhere are already working at capacity and under pressure to deliver more value with fewer resources.

On top of that, finding and keeping talented, full-time cloud engineers is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for smaller organizations competing with longstanding industry giants. Scaling IT operations internally simply isn’t easy, which is why many leaders consider augmenting their staff with external consultants.

However, many IT staff augmentations don’t go according to plan. Bringing engineers from two different teams together requires careful planning, communication, and execution. Managers need to maintain a clear division of responsibility and keep all parties accountable for outcomes. What’s more, going the augmentation route only gets more complicated as projects lengthen and expand in scope. Minor issues can also grow into bigger problems when internal and external engineering teams operate in different parts of the world. To summarize, hiring experienced IT resources on a contract basis doesn’t guarantee success.

At ClearScale, we see companies struggle on both fronts. Many IT leaders stick with internal resources to keep costs down, inadvertently forcing their teams into projects they aren’t capable of executing well. On the other hand, others are too quick to bring in outside cloud consultants and hand over the reins to massive enterprise endeavors. Oftentimes, this results in unfocused, never-ending cloud projects that end up costing companies way more than they anticipated. Fortunately, there’s another way – ClearScale Squads.

ClearScale Squads is our newest cloud service delivery model that addresses the key obstacles associated with executing modern cloud projects. We provide the best of both worlds – exceptional engineering talent within smaller, carefully scoped engagements.

What is ClearScale Squads?

ClearScale Squads is a hybrid delivery model that offers scalable, flexible solutions for application development, cloud modernization, data architecture, and more. Through ClearScale Squads, we offer different levels of engineering support depending on our clients’ needs. This enables us to approach cloud projects in the spirit of the Agile framework, yet with the scalability of a fractional engineering model.

ClearScale Squads is unique in several ways:

  • Tiered engagements: we offer 8 different “buckets” of engineering hours so that leaders can match our staff to their needs
  • Rapid iteration: we prioritize agile operation so that we can adapt to projects as they evolve and unfold
  • Light upfront commitment: we begin with a 4-month initial scope of work and then move to a month-by-month model, giving companies the flexibility to evaluate progress and adjust accordingly.

With these program characteristics, we can execute any type of cloud project. Our engineers can augment migrations and modernizations, DevOps workflows, cost optimizations, data engineering, and new application developments. Whatever the goal, we work closely with our partners, putting their needs above our own.

Get Started with ClearScale Squads

There’s no better time to take advantage of ClearScale Squads. Our cloud engineers and architects have been executing projects on AWS since 2011. We’ve earned over 100 AWS technical certifications and 12 AWS competencies, demonstrating our ability to deliver tangible results across many verticals.

Furthermore, ClearScale Squads represents the ideal combination of value and efficiency. Rather than risk time, money, and energy on an internally managed cloud project, leverage the skills and expertise of a tried-and-true cloud consultancy. We give you exactly what you need to be successful on the cloud, both today and in the future.

Learn more at Then, schedule a call with us to discuss how ClearScale Squads can take on your next major cloud project.