In a few short weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted businesses in every industry. Leaders and employees are having to adapt quickly to the realities of remote work. Many are facing new operational challenges in addition to tremendous financial pressure.

The transition has been easier for some than others. Although virtual conferencing platforms alleviate many issues, they can’t solve every problem for businesses that depend on in-person interactions.

Fortunately, ClearScale is insulated from many of the impacts of the current crisis. For years, our designers, engineers, and architects have executed remote cloud projects for clients all over the world. Our technical expertise, experience, and global coverage have enabled us to push forward without concern.

With so much uncertainty out there, we recognize that we are fortunate and well-positioned for the future. More importantly, as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Partner, we can share many of the advantages of cloud computing with our clients to set them up for success on the other side of COVID-19.

Below, we share what capabilities have been key to ClearScale’s remote achievements over the years, as well as highlight how we can help others get the most out of the cloud with AWS.

Keys to Successful Remote Cloud Projects Execution


Even under the pressure of COVID-19, it’s business as usual at ClearScale. While many others in the cloud services space have had to make adjustments, our team has pushed forward without any changes to delivery efforts.

Since 2011, we’ve helped hundreds of clients migrate and modernize applications on the cloud through remote engagements. Along the way, our project managers have learned how to mitigate the pitfalls and inefficiencies that can arise from extensive offsite work.

Successful remote execution requires an experienced team and validated processes. It takes time to learn how to overcome the unique obstacles that arise through remote projects.

Clear Communication

The ClearScale team is almost entirely remote. Our experts can carry out migrations, application developments, modernizations, and more without visiting client sites.

Consequently, clear communication is essential every step of the way. We use several communication and collaboration platforms (e.g. Chime, Slack, Confluence, and Zoom) to give our clients multiple channels to engage, ask questions, and discuss project needs. Given the scope and scale of our work, we recognize how important it is to be available for our clients whenever they need us.

To ensure remote project success, you must open the lines of communication to be certain you and your stakeholders are always on the same page.

Global Coverage

We have no geographic restrictions in terms of who we can serve and when. Our experts and leaders live in multiple countries across many time zones. As a result, we can help clients optimize IT infrastructure for the cloud from anywhere, at any time.

Those who wish to expand and offer services outside of local markets must have wide geographic coverage or hire team members who are willing to work non-traditional hours. There is a lot of value in aligning with clients, no matter where they are located.

High-level Talent

You must have A-level talent to succeed over the long term. Your project leaders and subject matter experts have to know the ins and outs of your industry so well that their skills can easily translate across sectors and boundaries.

Having top-level talent also gives your clients confidence that they are in good hands, even when there is less opportunity to build relationships in person.

Proven Process and Methodology for Remote Cloud Projects

To ensure that your applications and infrastructure meet the needs of your customers and remote employees, you need a partner with a proven process for ensuring successful outcomes. With more than 850 cloud projects completed, ClearScale has the expertise and methodology required to meet your requirements and achieve your goals for your cloud environment.

Our established methodology starts with a discovery phase that includes a needs assessment to determine the level of support you require. From there we assign our top-level talent of senior architects, engineers, and project managers that are needed to complete the project or work with your existing IT or development teams. We then leverage the best AWS technology available to provide a solution that is unique to your project requirements. Once the solution is deployed we conduct extensive testing and refinement to ensure success. Finally, we stay engaged for as long as you need us through managed services and ongoing maintenance options, as well as training for your staff.

Why Move to The Cloud Now?

At ClearScale, we believe the benefits of cloud computing are especially evident at a time like this. The cloud is much more secure, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective than on-premises solutions and legacy systems.

By moving IT infrastructure and data to the cloud, companies empower their teams to collaborate from anywhere in the world. Infrastructure managers no longer have to worry about hardware renewals, service agreements, or end-of-life timelines. And, IT teams can develop and deploy next-gen applications with ease.

Cloud computing is also far less costly overall, both from a resource and time perspective. AWS offers pay-as-you-go pricing, which means companies don’t rack up expenses for computing power or storage they don’t use. On top of that, IT teams can offload many burdensome infrastructure management responsibilities to focus on higher-value activities.

Migrating to the cloud offers immediate bottom-line impact, which is vital for leaders who are looking to reduce spending over the next 6-12 months. With ClearScale’s help, companies can cost-effectively optimize architecture and operations now when it matters most.

And if your organization is looking for solutions to allow employees to work securely from any location, AWS offers services to enable remote work for employees, contractors and students. With AWS remote work and learning solutions your employees can remain productive and connected while working from home. ClearScale has extensive experience identifying the right AWS services for clients’ remote cloud projects challenges and then implementing a customized solution to maintain an efficient remote workforce.

With ClearScale’s help, companies can take advantage of this offer to cost-effectively optimize architecture and operations now when it matters most.

The ClearScale Remote Cloud Projects Advantage

ClearScale is a cloud services organization that offers best-in-class solutions at affordable rates. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we can serve clients in ways that other firms can’t.

For example, our team can conduct full environment assessments and provide recommendations to businesses of all sizes at no cost through specific AWS programs. CIOs and IT leaders can discover where they have gaps or vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure.

Our experts have in-depth experience taking remote projects from start to finish with speed and efficiency. We can help your employees operate at peak proficiency from wherever they are located. ClearScale offers many different remote work services that can help, including:

  • Security – We can migrate your existing infrastructure to a secure AWS environment that complies with cybersecurity best practices and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Serverless – We can build a serverless cloud environment for you that improves performance and reduces latency as you scale to meet the demands of remote operations.
  • Business Continuity – We can provide you with disaster recovery services so that your remote workers know their business-critical data won’t be lost and their applications will continue to operate.
  • Remote Learning – We can improve the scalability of your learning platform to help students and employees securely access the applications they need on-demand from anywhere.
  • Scale Your Team – We can offer our team of solution architects, DevOps engineers, and developers to help augment your staffing needs and support your cloud applications and infrastructure efforts during this time of uncertainty and extended health-related absences.

We were executing large-scale AWS cloud migrations, modernizations, and developments long before the current pandemic and we will continue doing so once this crisis passes.

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