The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Competency Program is designed to showcase AWS Partner Network (APN) organizations that demonstrate both technical proficiency and customer success across numerous solution areas.

The program awards designations by industry, application, and workload. For example, partners can earn AWS competencies in Healthcare, IoT, Mobile, Microsoft Workloads, or dozens of others.

Earning a competency is challenging. Cloud service providers must possess deep AWS expertise, prove technical readiness, and provide documentation that highlights positive customer outcomes.

AWS competencies differentiate top cloud service providers. That is why we are excited to announce that we recently earned our eighth and ninth designations — the AWS SaaS and AWS Education competencies.

These achievements join a long list of other AWS competencies that our team has earned. And they further emphasize why ClearScale is one of the leading providers of cloud consulting services in the market today.

ClearScale AWS SaaS Competency

There are two categories within the AWS SaaS competency designation: Builders and Design Services. APN Consulting Partners who aim to earn the SaaS designation must exhibit specialization in at least one of these domains.

To qualify on the Builders side, companies have to prove they can develop SaaS applications through software development, write multi-tenant code, and follow several agile methodologies. On the Design Services side, AWS partners must show they can design and integrate AWS infrastructure for SaaS architectures.

ClearScale qualified for the AWS SaaS competency designation by exhibiting expertise in both the Builders and Design Services. We were one of the AWS SaaS Competency launch partners and were selected to participate on the Twitch panel discussing details about designing and building SaaS solutions on AWS.

ClearScale has helped numerous SaaS providers take advantage of the AWS platform and position themselves for long-term success.

For example, our team worked closely with SavvyMoney, a FinTech company, to rearchitect its SaaS platform to meet rapidly growing demand. SavvyMoney needed a way to improve overall tenant management capabilities and isolate those that shared the existing SaaS infrastructure. With ClearScale’s help, the company was able to increase the overall efficiency of its SaaS architecture and simplify tenant management going forward.

Our experts also helped computer vision software company Entropix deploy a new, on-demand SaaS architecture on top of its existing video processing engine. The new application is built to scale with demand, allowing Entropix to open up its revolutionary capabilities to a much larger base of customers. With help from ClearScale, Entropix was also able to create its new AWS SaaS application at a much lower cost, as well as reduce future expenditures related to data storage, processing, and application development.

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ClearScale AWS Education Competency

The AWS Education Competency designation recognizes organizations that have technical expertise and experience in designing education solutions for the AWS platform. AWS recognizes proficiency across many facets of education, from teaching and learning to administration.

ClearScale has collaborated with several higher education and EdTech companies over the years that needed access to AWS cloud computing features. By working with ClearScale, many organizations were able to cut infrastructure costs, enhance user experiences, streamline IT operations, and bolster security.

For example, we helped the University of California San Francisco’s School of Medicine migrate its infrastructure to the cloud without compromising private patient health information. Our team implemented a secure envelope consisting of compartmentalized AWS accounts. As a result, the UCSF School of Medicine increased delivery speeds by 90x and is better able to handle transient workloads built around pay-as-you-go pricing.

Our team worked with the learning platform provider,, to migrate and modernize the company’s network infrastructure. Before tapping ClearScale, relied on physical servers in a data center that would soon close. After partnering with ClearScale, the company had a highly available SaaS application with infrastructure distributed across many Availability Zones.

We collaborated closely with YouSeeU, a virtual classroom solution that facilitates experiential learning and soft skill development. The company needed a better solution for its video capabilities and services. ClearScale stepped in and guided YouSeeU through a complex project to update the education company’s IT infrastructure. Now, YouSeeU enjoys multi-region scalability, automation, and more on the AWS platform.

ClearScale Continues to Invest in AWS Capabilities

At ClearScale, we continue to invest heavily in our AWS capabilities so that we can serve clients as effectively as possible. We are proud of earning both the SaaS and Education competencies – as well as our previous competencies in Migration, DevOps, Data & Analytics, Healthcare, Nonprofit, IoT, and Mobile – and are excited to help more businesses thrive on AWS.

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