ClearScale, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, has always put a focus on the needs of our clients. Regardless of the complexity or subtle nuances to the requirements, our diverse clientele have asked of us over the years, our expertise, deep-seated knowledge of AWS services, and our ability to leverage those services have allowed us to deliver solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations time and again.

Due to our overwhelming success with client migrations and implementations, ClearScale was recently awarded an achievement few organizations have received: the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Competency. This ranking is only achieved when a company, like ClearScale, has clearly demonstrated technical acumen with numerous client implementations and migrations to AWS, has a strong AWS practice and process, and proactively adheres to AWS Security Best Practices.



This certification further shows our clients that the trust they placed in us to perform the migration was well-founded and that ClearScale is a leader and qualified partner able to provide services that few others can claim expertise in. Through this competency, ClearScale has shown that we are able to consistently and effectively execute client migrations from discovery to planning, to migration and operations.

ClearScale strives for a seamless transition of our customers’ valuable data to the cloud with zero downtime. We have over six years of experience in migrations from on-premise data centers as well as other cloud providers such as Rackspace, SoftLayer, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, Joyent, and more. Migrating to AWS also doesn’t mean that an organization necessarily needs to dispose of the development pipeline they’ve grown to rely on.

In nearly all instances, ClearScale has been able to deploy third-party development solutions to the cloud and then integrate and augment those solutions with AWS services. This allows an engineering team to continue to develop their products in environments they have come to rely on while providing increased availability, Continuous Integration and Deployment strategies, and application logging behind a fully secure AWS Identity Management Access (IAM) layer.

For those customers who choose to keep much of their development toolsets in-house while leveraging the AWS Cloud for supporting the applications they’re building, AWS services also allow for integration via the AWS API Gateway so that existing toolsets can communicate directly with the AWS services that ClearScale can configure. No matter what the needs our clients have, ClearScale is always able to find a solution that allows for redundancy, elasticity, and security for customers wishing to reduce their dependency on legacy infrastructure paradigms or build a brand new Cloud-native solution, all within AWS.

Customized Cloud Migration Services

Migrating customers’ infrastructure to the cloud is more than mapping over identical services. ClearScale tailors each architecture to the client and maps to the most appropriate and best performing AWS services. Serving the needs of our clients that want to migrate their existing implementations to AWS is only part of what we have successfully demonstrated. ClearScale has also focused our expertise in numerous instances of developing and deploying Cloud-native infrastructure and applications prior to migration. Tailoring the AWS implementation for clients we migrate is what we specialize in; by effectively designing, deploying,2 and configuring a client migration in the AWS Cloud, we optimize the solution for the specific client need to reduce latency, scale infrastructure needs elastically, and provide redundancy and disaster recovery mechanisms that ensure our clientele will never have to worry about downtime or server resource bottlenecks.

Our expertise extends migrations to all processes surrounding this type of effort. From building complex automated Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) solutions, DevOps supporting solutions through our AWS DevOps Competency rating, development, and production environment infrastructure needs, disaster recovery, and redundancy implementations, and Agile process assessment needs and remediation, ClearScale’s ability to actively discover the needs of the client to plan a seamless end-to-end migration and integration for complex operations leveraging AWS solutions is now recognized as being one of the best in the industry.

With the continued increasing cost of maintenance overhead that many organizations face and the ongoing challenge of streamlining development processes and deployment pipelines, many companies are re-evaluating their datacenter implementations. If your organization is currently weighing this possibility, ClearScale can provide the guidance, evaluation, and direction necessary to help you make a determination on what course is in your company’s best interest.

With AWS Partner Network competencies in DevOps and Migrations, ClearScale’s definitive expertise and leadership are what your organization needs in order to enable your strategy and evolve your application development pipeline to a mature state. ClearScale is here to evaluate and provide unbiased guidance on what will work best for your organization.

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