The term “big data” is everywhere. But what exactly does it mean? Big data refers to data that is generated so quickly in such high volumes that traditional data processing approaches don’t work. Big data is only valuable if you have the right tools. The good news is that thanks to modern cloud technology, the right tools are more accessible than ever.

Cloud services providers today offer virtually unlimited data storage, efficient data processing capabilities, and powerful analytics tools. As a result, organizations can tap into more diverse data sources and gather detailed intelligence about their customers, services, and markets. The key is knowing what cloud tools are out there and how to leverage them appropriately.

Why is Big Data Valuable?

Big data is how modern organizations discover insights that would otherwise be impossible to find. As more people participate in the digital economy, we have the ability to understand our world in a higher resolution. And better understanding means better decision-making.

What’s more, big data is getting “bigger” all the time. Experts estimate that we produce a minimum of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. This data includes chat messages, video uploads, usage statistics, downloads, swipes – really any engagement that we can capture. Big data even accounts for unstructured data, like audio messages, images, and text files.

Across these data types is evidence of what people want and need. Organizations that can uncover this evidence are more likely to make smarter choices, and, consequently, beat out the competition. More specifically, big data leads to findings that help business leaders identify untapped niches, inefficient processes, operational risks, and growth opportunities.

Through big data analytics, banks can actively monitor millions of accounts and find fraudulent behavior before it spreads. Healthcare companies can study anonymized patient data at scale and pull out patterns that are specific to certain demographics or geographies. IoT startups can collect real-time environmental data streams from thousands of sensors in the field and determine where to focus more attention on process improvements.

With big data, we can know more and guess less. The challenge lies in knowing how to invest your time and resources efficiently to hit the ground running as soon as possible. That’s where AWS comes in.

What Big Data Analytics Services Does AWS Offer?

AWS offers a wide selection of big data analytics solutions that fall into four buckets:

  • Analytics
  • Data movement
  • Data lake
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning

On the big data front, AWS provides services like Amazon EMR, a big data platform for processing, visualizing, and analyzing data at scale. We’ve worked with many clients, including a fast-growing SaaS business, to implement Amazon EMR. The results are game-changing.

To support real-time data movement, AWS has products like Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, a serverless solution for storing and processing data streams at any scale. The AWS cloud is also a leader when it comes to data lake solutions. Services like AWS Glue and AWS Lake Formation simplify the process of setting up scalable, secure data lakes for massive volumes of unstructured information. This type of data infrastructure is crucial in today’s world.

In terms of AI/ML products, Amazon SageMaker is a popular platform for building, training, and deploying machine learning models. What makes SageMaker essential for big data is that it comes with fully managed infrastructure and tools. MLOps teams can focus on maintaining high-quality models rather than on keeping IT hardware and software up to date.

Beyond these specific AWS solutions, there are many more. The takeaway is that AWS has everything organizations need to be successful with big data. The hard part is knowing which tools to use and how to apply them effectively for unique use cases. Fortunately, that’s where ClearScale shines.

Harness the Power of Big Data with AWS and ClearScale

We’d love to help you build a strong big data foundation for future growth. As an AWS Premier Tier Services partner with the Data & Analytics competency, we’ve worked with organizations in every industry to elevate their data analytics capabilities.

Our goal is to help our customers with their data analytics journey by enabling a culture of experimentation and innovation. We can guide you through how to set up an AWS cloud ecosystem that is designed for big data workloads. Then, we can build that next big data application for you that differentiates your organization from the rest.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at big data analytics on AWS, check out our eBook on the topic – Leverage Big Data Analytics with AWS. We dive into different strategies and technologies that enable organizations to create new sources of value, enhance efficiency, and mitigate risk.

You can also get started with our Data and Analytics Strategy Assessment and transform your company’s data into a strategic asset.

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