The cloud has opened up an entirely new way of thinking when it comes to database setup and management. On a platform like AWS, companies can now choose from a wide range of purpose-built databases – key-value, graph, time series, ledger, in-memory, etc. – to fulfill highly specific use cases. And these databases are available without having to manage the underlying infrastructure.

As a result, companies in many industries are contemplating large-scale database migrations. The problem is that moving on-premises databases to the cloud can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially when switching to a new database engine. Between converting schemas, minimizing downtime, and preserving data integrity, there is a lot to manage.

About the Schema Conversion Tool

That’s why AWS also offers tools to assist with the actual migration journey. One of the most useful is the AWS Schema Conversion Tool, which enables fast and simple heterogeneous database migrations that would otherwise take significant time and effort. The tool can automatically assess legacy database schemas and convert objects to formats that are compatible with the destination database on AWS. For any objects that can’t be converted, the tool will flag those items with suggestions on how engineers can convert them.

Furthermore, the Schema Conversion Tool can identify SQL statements embedded within source code and transform those functions into the appropriate AWS service. In other words, the AWS Schema Conversion Tool is capable of modernizing code in addition to accelerating migrations. What’s more, the tool can analyze databases to determine how complex conversions will be and check if it’s possible to downgrade licenses.

For those who are still in the exploration or Proof-of-Concept stage, the AWS Schema Conversion Tool allows users to test possible schema conversions without taking on the technical debt of making any changes. The tool gives an indication of how much effort it would take to pursue a specific schema conversion. This gives data engineers the information they need to make the best possible decision for the organization.

How Do ClearScale and AWS Support Database Migrations With the Schema Conversion Tool?

In some cases, it’s helpful to have a database migration expert, like ClearScale, involved to interpret the results of the AWS Schema Conversion Tool. We can point out potential pitfalls or alternative approaches depending on the needs of your organization. We can also help tackle any manual data conversions that the tool identifies.

More importantly, we work with companies to understand the underlying problems that they are trying to solve with migration. We start by determining whether a database migration makes sense in the first place. Then, we architect solutions that maximize database performance for specific use cases. We know how to do all of this because of our extensive cloud database experience.

ClearScale is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with the Data & Analytics and Migration competencies. We’ve helped organizations in a wide range of industries move their on-premises and non-AWS databases to the AWS cloud. We know the challenges that exist during database migration projects and how to overcome them.

Database Migration Projects

For example, in one project we completed for a learning and performance management company, we executed a database migration from a legacy PostgreSQL database to Amazon Aurora, a cloud-native relational database solution from AWS. Our database migration experts came up with a cloud architecture that made sense for the client’s use case and executed the move with no issues. The company now leverages a new Amazon Aurora database that is capable of supporting more advanced analytics workflows in the future.

In another engagement, we partnered with a financial services business to move databases from Azure to AWS in a short period of time. We migrated the company to Amazon Aurora Global Database due to its high performance, durability, and availability at scale. Adopting a database on AWS opened up many new opportunities to upgrade cryptocurrency offerings and deliver new features to market faster than ever.

We also perform database modernizations within larger migration projects, like what we did for a virtual fundraising platform. Our client’s legacy Oracle database was approaching the end-of-life stage, and upgrading to the latest version would have required major refactoring. As a result, we decided to migrate the company to Amazon Aurora using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool and Database Migration Service. With these solutions, we were able to execute the migration quickly and give the client a high-performing database engine in Amazon Aurora that can scale seamlessly with demand.

If you are considering a migration to AWS, whether it be from an on-premises environment or another cloud platform, we can help. We are also happy to advise on if migrating makes sense at all based on your requirements.

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