There are many well-known benefits of moving from an on-premises IT infrastructure to a cloud environment. Ease of use, scalability, security and high availability are just some of the advantages that the cloud provides.

But one important factor often goes unknown – the cost of the migration to AWS. Determining an accurate assessment isn’t easy. Each organization is unique, with different business objectives, varying goals, and specific IT requirements.

And while they usually offer similar services, each cloud services provider and consultant have their own unique approach to cloud building, professional services, and pricing. That means there could be widely varying cloud migration costs, depending on who performs the service.

To get a handle on how much your cloud migration will cost, you need to estimate expenses from the planning phase all the way through the post-migration period. Read the infographic below about how to conduct a step-by-step estimate of your cloud migration costs.

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5 Steps to Estimate Your Cloud Migration Costs

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