The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our world in tremendous ways. IoT networks today underpin smart cities, enable predictive maintenance, power last-mile transportation, and much more. IoT devices are even making their way into homes, giving everyday consumers visibility into how well their appliances are running.

In 2020, the IoT industry was worth nearly $310B, according to Fortune Business Insights. The market is projected to grow to more than $1,850B by 2028 as the number of smart devices across the globe continues to skyrocket.

Despite how compelling the IoT is, however, launching disruptive business models with the technology is easier said than done. It takes sophisticated IT infrastructure – scalable repositories, efficient data pipelines, intuitive visualization tools – plus IoT know-how to create meaningful value.

For those with some level of IoT ambition, one of the best ways to leverage the technology is through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. AWS offers a multitude of cloud-native solutions that empower leaders to take full advantage of the IoT.

Five AWS services, in particular, are invaluable for your IoT applications:

  • Amazon Kinesis
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • AWS CloudTrail

Each of these services plays an important role in streamlining IoT workflows and operational requirements. Launching IoT applications in the digital age is much harder without them.

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis is a scalable data service that makes collecting, processing, and analyzing streaming data easy. Kinesis is useful for IoT applications, as it enables companies to gather information in real-time from IoT devices that describe real-world events, including consumer behaviors or machine performance. Amazon Kinesis is also a fully managed service, which means engineers don’t have to spend any time overseeing IT infrastructure.

Data insights gathered through Amazon Kinesis also pair nicely with other AWS AI/machine learning (ML) services. For example, Amazon Kinesis can be used to collect data that ultimately feed recommendation engines or forecasting tools that improve customer experience significantly.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that allows users to run code without needing to manage or provision servers. Lambda makes it easy to run code for nearly any application without increasing administrative overhead. The service also scales automatically with usage and only incurs charges for compute time consumed.

AWS Lambda works well with services like Amazon Kinesis that touch data in some form or fashion. Engineering teams can configure Lambda to execute code automatically in response to IoT data gathered and processed via Amazon Kinesis.

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker is another fully managed service that simplifies the process of building, training, and deploying machine learning models that accelerate innovation. SageMaker is especially valuable for IoT applications that deal with large volumes of data, as it enables users to convert quantitative information into actionable insights at scale.

It’s through Amazon Sagemaker that enterprises can boost productivity and reduce data management efforts significantly. Without this service, managing IoT applications becomes unwieldy and cumbersome, especially for smaller engineering teams.

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for assessing resource utilization and infrastructure performance. CloudWatch enhances IoT applications by allowing engineers to set up alerts for performance issues, as well as reference data that describes operational health.

With CloudWatch insights, engineering teams can keep IoT applications running smoothly. Amazon CloudWatch plays an essential role in a robust IoT strategy, keeping teams informed on how well their IT infrastructure is handling the intense nature of IoT applications.

AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail is a service that facilitates governance, compliance, and risk auditing. CloudTrail ensures that IoT applications are secure and compliant at all times, which is critical in applications involving sensitive or personal data. Engineers can trust CloudTrail to detect unusual activity and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

CloudTrail can also maintain a record of all AWS account activity, including actions involving other services. This type of recordkeeping gives engineering teams peace of mind that they can troubleshoot problems as they arise and plug security gaps when needed.

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